The Beauty in Diversity: Part 1

People fail to see the beauty in diversity. It could be the diversity of opinion or simply diversity in colors of our skin or the sizes of our bodies. Amazingly it is human psychology to associate diversity with weakness and hate it. This diversity is what should make us stronger and kind to each other but the story is slightly difference in practice.

We have all experienced that people get into slight disagreements and they start to express their opinions in sheer rage which eventually leads to cursing and resentment. But truly if we reflect on our day to day lives we experience a huge number of disagreements every single day.

We don’t need to express our disagreement to opinions by anger, but accept for a fact that not everyone looks at the world the way you do. Each one of us has amazing experiences to share and those experiences shape who we are and the way we look at the world around us.

There are two types of discussions we humans have; firstly, a discussion driven by our egos and pride to prove to other person that we are superior to him/her and that their opinion is worthless and secondly, a discussion driven by empathy, pure curiosity to learn and know more about the world.

When discussions are driven by egos, ethnocentrism and pride, there is no positive outcome from that discussion. There is no learning in it. It would always end in hate and resentment. It is best to avoid these discussions as they may lead to a very sour ending to your relationships.

The moment you realize that the person is only presenting their side of the story to show you that you are inferior to him/her that is the moment you jump the ship. For such a conversation would be merely a waste of time and effort on your part and would only lead to resentment and dislike for that person. This won’t mean you are too weak to defend your grounds but it means you are stronger and more courageous to not let your ego and pride take control of you. And this is the hardest thing to do, trust me!

I guess we don’t need to disagree all the time. I guess we should only tell people our ‘side of the story’ when you know the other person is just as open minded as you are. We need to recognize the difference between arguments driven by ego and pride and discussions driven by sheer curiosity and empathy.

While writing this I was wondering how many people would disagree with me on this. I would love to hear your side of the story though. It could prove to be a great learning experience for the part 2 of ‘Beauty in Diversity’ post.