Life Lessons My Car Taught Me

red car 2

‘Khat, khat, khat! Crunch, crunch, crunch! Dug, dug, dug!’, this is what my car sounds like. You see people talk about their brand new cars but you never really see them post pictures of cars that sound like this or the junk they might have driven a long time back. Well, I still drive the same junk. I have been driving my Suzuki Khyber since A’Levels since I got it as a hand-me-down from my parents.

My car broke down so many times, I have lost count. There were many times I was stranded in the middle of the road because it just refused to start and the sound of the cars honking their horns behind me made me feel worse. Sheer embarrassment and outrage used to engulf every cell in my body. So many times people drove past me laughing at the wreck of a car I was driving while I tried to hide away my tears because I felt so ashamed and sad.

So many times I was pulled over by police and other random strangers just so they could make me feel worse that I owned the worst and ugliest car on the planet. There were a couple of times I actually broke into tears in front of strangers for the helplessness I felt after they were done telling me about how pathetic my car was. Even pedestrians who couldn’t afford a car laughed at me and the condition my car was in.

red car

But there is this odd contentment in my heart. I believe I have received more than any woman in this society could. I got permission to drive as soon as I was 18 and had my own car; women rarely get that opportunity. So maybe it wasn’t a Ferrari or a Mercedes and maybe it wasn’t the most comfortable ride in the world, but it was my ride and it was earned through halal money. It had no interest on it to be paid.

This crappy wreck for some people is what has taught me many lessons. It has taught me that life will have ups and downs and this has made me stronger. My car taught me to not be afraid and made me confident.

But most importantly this red junk taught me humility. Now every time someone’s car breaks down I don’t honk a horn, I get out and try to help them out. Every time someone has an accident I stop my car to help them out. My car taught me patience. When someone drives really slowly because their car looks crappy I try to be patient and not honk since it won’t make the car go faster.

We people forget who we are and where we will go in the end. The car has made me more considerate to other people’s problems. It’s easier to say just go get a new car from the bank, than to actually go do it however, it isn’t that easy. It is impossible for me because I have no intentions of getting stuck in riba and interest. This car is a little price I pay but it is better than going to war with Him which is a definite loss. I will wait my turn surely He has something better in store for me.