Hiring Experienced Professionals Only?


‘Experience is the teacher of all the things’, Julius Cesar. That is undeniably true. However, if not given any opportunity there will be no way to gain experience.

Are you an unemployed undergraduate looking for an entry level job? Have you seen the years of experience requirement for those entry level jobs? Have you held your head in shock and dismay at how stupid it sounds; because I certainly have.

It doesn’t matter whether you have a degree from abroad or even if you have a strong reference. I have tried all that. It took me months to land an entry level job even though I studied for sometime in USA and had strong references. Clearly the HR managers at most of the firms are either too dumb, or they just don’t care about the consequences of the overzealous requirements they post for job applications. I will only say one thing, passion trumps experience in all walks of life as Phillip Di Bella said, ‘Passion is the one thing experience can’t teach’.

‘As a job seeker, remember this: You only lack experience if they want it done the same old way’, Robert Bault

The problem is people are better at being bosses than being leaders. These bosses treat their workforce like slaves and not like a team. Leaders teach their subordinates and take them places. Then again it’s not their fault because certain people are not passionate about the jobs they apply to and ‘ditch’

‘Hire passion first, experience second, and credentials third’, Paul Alofs

I believe that hiring passionate inexperienced individuals and then training them could be a great team building exercise. It would also help filter out those who are not at all interested in pursuing the career. Not all successful people started as experienced professionals. They started with an undying passion for their field. Combined with never ending persistence, they are who they are today.